since 2018

Perm Krai Animal Abuse Map

Created in 2018.

Animal Abuse Map illustrates that acts of animal cruelty happen right next to you, not somewhere far away. Thus, we’ve located places of animal abuse on the map of Perm Krai. Those include zoos and petting zoos, circuses, farms, baiting stations for hunting dogs, slaughter units, questionable animal shelters with recorded cases of violence as well as some isolated incidents of animal cruelty.

Карта жестокости Пермского края

As of today, there are 124 points located.

In order to demonstrate the scale of the problem, we did a lot of aerial photo- and video-shooting of the local slaughterhouses using a drone. We also analyzed numerous news articles on the topic, interviewed petting zoo employees and studied baiting stations – which were officially illegalized while we were making the research.

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