since 2013


Since 2013.

Pomogalka is an online mutual-aid community in Perm. The idea behind it is simple: we need no real estate brokers, agencies, services or other profit-craving intermediaries to consider ourselves reasonable and support each other.

The community is created to help find job offers, services, free rides or places to stay at night.


We must admit that, if it wasn’t for our good friend from Kirov, Ilya Yermolin, Pomogalka wouldn’t exist. We started it in 2013 as a multiregional project for 5 cities of Ural and Volga Region. Soon we realized, however, that Pomogalka had a success mainly in Perm – which led us to narrow our focus and make the project local.

Currently there are also a few subgroups: Pomogalka housing, Pomogalka work and Foodsharing.

It is administered by the same people who manage our RRFM project. We still need more editors and volunteers, so write us a line if you are interested!