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Vegan maps

Since 2015.

Traveling through Russia and all over the globe, we like visiting all the curious places (especially those promising some nice food). Quite a few places are marked on HappyCow or added to custom map layers created by local activists.

Where can I take a vegan meal in Perm? (and more)

Now, what about Minsk (Belarus)?

When we went on a trip to Belarus, it was quite challenging for us to find something to eat in Minsk. Fortunately, we met Yana, who helped us a lot out there and who still maintains the map:

Is there anything interesting for vegans in Tbilisi (Georgia)?

It’s very pleasant to lead a vegan lifestyle in Georgia: tons of nice Lenten food (especially a great variety of rolls and buns) can be found all around – thanks to the fact that Georgia is an orthodox country. Here, people have observed orthodox traditions for longer than in Russia, that is why the Orthodoxy itself looks a lot more seamless and benevolent here. Fasting, which implicates keeping something very close to a vegan diet, has a deep-rooted reverence from Georgian people, who have as many as 3 days of abstinence every week (Wednesday, Friday, Sunday). For that very reason, you need to remember a simple Georgian word ‘samarkhvo’ (every syllable is stressed / Georgian — სამარხვო). Everybody knows what food is appropriate during fasting days, so you can find it at every turn. But it should be noticed though that fasting includes eating honey, so it is better to play it safe and ask specifically if a product contains it. Actually, some people in Georgia speak English (and a lot of them – Russian), so feel absolutely free to ask them anything!

In addition, you can ask Lasha or his friends to be your guide!

Lasha also made this vegan-friendly map of Tbilisi (you can suggest any editing directly to him via Facebook):