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Why animals?

Created in 2018.

There is a lot of animal abuse footage throughout various articles on the Internet. Although these stories open our eyes to an awful truth behind livestock industry, the content may sometimes be so heavy to watch that it discourages from learning more at all.

We decided to make a series of detailed stories about the conditions livestock animals have to bear with. Each proposition is provided with a proof-link. This research is supposed to be a collection of texts and materials about veganism – but without any shocking content, so that you could share it safely with your friends.


Visit this page to learn what’s inside of the pork industry, what’s the difference between the lives of wild boars and domestic pigs and what to do to reduce the unnecessary suffering of pigs.

Тестирование на животных

Where do they still test on animals? What’s up with lab rats and why animal testing is not really necessary? You will find the answers provided with a list of cruelty-free companies on this page.


Everything you need to know about cows and bulls in the meat industry, including the history of their domestication, a comparison between the lifespans of wild and domesticated cattle and the conditions they have to live in. Plus, there are some good beef alternatives suggested to you.


Here we explain how people exploit cows and other animals for milk and why we think it’s cruel. We described step-by-step how milk is produced and how we think it can be changed for the better.

Мясо куриц

Here you’ll find out all you need to know about chicken meat production – with numbers and facts about human indifference to animal sentience. Best chicken meat substitute suggestions included.

Куриные яйца

We explain how laying hens are exploited, providing statistics as well as our suggestions on how to substitute eggs in a daily diet.

Притравочные станции

Looking into what a typical ‘baiting station’ is, asking dog experts what they think of it and referring to what many countries’ legislation says about it.

Контактные зоопарки

Read about the conditions animals of petting zoos live in and learn what their life is compared to that of their wild counterparts.

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