Here & Forever

Active in 2017.
VK community –

Here & Forever is a media project on polluted areas of Perm Krai. We usually think of an environmental disaster area as something far-away and not-of-my-concern. To illustrate that, not many people know that there were nuclear weapons tests in Perm Krai or that there was an oil spill right in the river port (the same location where KAMWA festival was held in 2011). Although such disasters are often quickly forgotten, they leave an imperishable mark on the environment.

We made three stories on the local environmental disaster areas containing personal narratives, 360° panoramas, infographics and travel guides. The project was maked with news portal. 

Part 1 is about “Taiga” project designed to conduct nuclear tests in the region –

Part 2 addresses an oil depot terminal right next to cottage houses in Krasnokamsk –

Part 3 sheds light on acid mining water spills –

The photos made for the project were exhibited at ART-Perm.