Mushroom map of Perm Krai

Since 2016.
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Timofei: “Like many other families, mine used to go mushroom picking to our favorite places every year. Although it was always such fun occasion, we stopped keeping up the tradition.

And what should you do when you want to relive the sensation of going to the forest and foraging for mushrooms but don’t know where to go, how to actually do it and what the best season is? How do you get at least some ‘catch’ on the first try?

Well, no need to worry! We visited Perm’s biggest online forum and read numerous posts mentioning solid good picking locations. Then we added all of them to a special Google Maps layer:

There is also an open-access form online in which everybody can share more mushrooming locations.

When we were working on the map, we realized that the main problem wasn’t where to go but rather what to do. So we offer a few life hacks in the following infographic:

We’d like to scale the points on the map down and add areas of polluted environment as well. We’ll be happy to get ideas on how to make the process of adding picking locations automatic or hopefully meet new team members! For more info, write Timofey.